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Tasmania’s Expert Residential Painters

At Apex Painting Solutions, no job is too big or too small; whether you need a bedroom painted, your whole house or office block painted, we have the experience to do the job at the highest calibre and professionalism.

Whether you want a different colour for your new home, your office building is in serious need of a paint overhaul, or your floors look tired—we have the solution for you.

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Welcome to Apex Painting Solutions

We’re Tasmania’s Painting & Decorating Experts. Sought After, Trusted, Qualified, & Fully Insured Painters.

Founded in 2010, Apex Painting Solutions is a family-owned & operated painting business servicing Hobart & entire Tasmania.

We are passionate and professional painters specialising in decorating, house or residential painting, commercial painting, roof painting, interior & exterior painting, rendering, as well as epoxy flooring.
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  • Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    - Nigel Upston
    1 2 3 10
  • I have enjoyed Khalil’s communication skill. He is responsible for his own work and effort. He has a very professional approach to his work. I highly recommend Apex Painting

    - Kelly Soo
    1 2 3 10
  • Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    - Glow on Collines
    1 2 3 10
  • I found this company to provide excellent service. I am very happy with the quality of service I received..

    - Colleen Lane
    1 2 3 10
  • Khalil was very professional and did an outstanding job in regards to painting my roof, I would highly recommend apex to anyone that needs anything to do with painting or roof restoration, they are very knowledgeable and professional.”

    - Ali Mitwari
    1 2 3 10
  • 💥Check out our freshly painted space 👀 Thanks to Apex Painting Solutions for doing a brilliant job 👏🏽 Flooring, mirrors and equipment to come! 💥”

    - EasyFit 27/7, Devonport
    1 2 3 10
  • Khalil is a great bloke. Very considerate, efficient and does an excellent job.

    - Jim Hennington
    1 2 3 10
  • Khalil showed the utmost professionalism during his time on site. His clear communication during the quoting process and also during the painting stage was fantastic and made planning other jobs easy! His work was absolute quality and I would highly recommend to any one needing painting works at their home or business!

    - Brad Tilbury
    1 2 3 10
  • Exceptional & highly recommended. I am very appreciate of the fantastic roof painting job. Care and attention to detail was great. Kind and considerate to deal with. Trustworthy and honest. I strongly recommend Apex Painting Solutions.

    - Tassy Cyclist
    1 2 3 10

Professionally done painting
can last up to 10 years.

Getting your house or business painted or repainted is not a kind of work that you do frequently. If the painting work is carried out by professional painters using superior products, it can last up to 10 years.

Looking for the best painters in Tasmania?

If you’re in Tasmania and looking for the best painters who can get your interior or exterior painted or repainted with the high-quality finish – do not hesitate to call us on 0415 044 006. We have the best painters who can transform a dull premise into a stunning & visually appealing space!

Dedicated painting experts.

Regardless of your requirements, preferences and the size of your property – we have the dedicated painting specialists.
They can get the paint job done professionally the first time and every single time!
About Us

You can trust our Tasmanian Painters to:

Give you the best service at best rates
Thoroughly check every surface in your property
Fill in holes and clean up the surfaces before doing the paintwork
Organise and create professional workspace while we are at your premise
Ensure everyone is safe, secure and protected before we carry on with the painting job
Use the right equipment, high-quality products and advanced techniques to achieve high-quality finishes
Thoroughly arrange and clean up your space before leaving your premise
Leave your property that looks like it has never been touched, except that it looks more stunning and inviting because we have painted it well
Leave you some tips and professional advice on how to ensure your painted surfaces will last for many years to come

We stay in touch!

After we have painted your property, we also make sure that we still stay in touch with you making sure we are happy with the job we have carried out. We want our clients to remember this - No matter the scope of your project, our team will complete each job on time and within your specified budget.

House Painters that you can rely on.

Does your next painting project seem like an uphill struggle?
You have no clue where even to start?
Do you keep delaying the project start date?
Owned and operated in Tasmania, our team in Apex Painting Solutions have got you covered!

Trust the Professionals with Your Building Painting

Painting a building requires more finesse than slapping new paint across the surface.
Professionals employ various technical skills to complete a painting project that can last a decade or more. Apart from ensuring the paint job is neat and attractive, there are several benefits you can enjoy by recruiting a reliable building painter.

When you decide to collaborate with a painting contractor, you can access their years of experience and knowledge in the field. They have developed relationships with various suppliers and use their contacts to secure the project’s best possible price. Furthermore,
they offer colour consultation to select the appropriate colour for your building depending on its architecture and surroundings. As a result, you can rest assured the paint job won’t deteriorate within a matter of a few years.

A professional painting company has a reputation to protect, and as such, they take their time to complete the work thoroughly to ensure your satisfaction with the end product.
You can expect them to follow certain procedures before picking up a paintbrush as several preparatory factors are crucial for producing high-quality results.

Over the past decade, the painting industry has witnessed numerous technological advancements, including the introduction of new tools. They will have access to equipment such as an elevated work platform and scaffolding for painting at height.

Finally, outsourcing your painting project leaves you with the time to continue the tasks that are essential for you.

The benefits of using competent building painters

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, it’s essential to maintain the building’s appearance to remain attractive and create a positive perception to guests and potential clients. One of the easiest methods to immediately improve a property’s aesthetics is with a new building painting. Apex Painting Solutions is a contractor that takes care of all aspects of a paint job and provide a complete service.

What to expect from Apex Painting Solutions 

We are a Tasmanian company that offers building painting as one of several comprehensive services. There are no projects that we can’t approach as we have the necessary knowledge, skills,
and experience to tackle any venture whether you want to paint a bedroom or an entire office block.

We focus heavily on attention to detail and the results we deliver. Besides the excellent paintwork,
you receive exceptional customer support from your project’s commencement until completion.
While we do have experience and knowledge about our craft, you can rest assured that you’re
dealing with professionals because of our affiliation with Master Painters Australia. Furthermore, we
hold the necessary insurances and licenses to carry out an effective job.
We understand how messy painting can be; however, before we leave your premises, we clean and organise the areas we’ve painted to minimise the work for you after leaving.

About Apex Painting Solutions

Collectively, we have over five decades of experience in the painting industry while we’ve been operating for a decade in Tasmania. Our reputation as the preferred painting contractor precedes us since we focus on satisfying our customers.

Contact us to obtain a complete quotation for your project.

Why choose Apex Painting Solutions?

Years of Experience

Apex Painting Solutions was founded in 2010, but our painters have more than 5 decades of combined experience in the industry.


We not only promise beautiful results from our painters but also promise a carefree painting experience.

Fully Insured

Apex Painting Solutions team is highly qualified, licensed, and fully insured professional painters.


When you choose us to handle your painting project, we make sure you get the best value of what you pay for. We complete our work on time and within budget.

Safe & Clean

We offer you a safe painting experience and a super clean finish. Before leaving your house, we make sure the areas we have painted are thoroughly cleaned and organised: all furniture & personal stuff are returned to their original position, debris is removed, and carpets are well vacuumed.

Top Quality

We are results-driven. With our 100% attention to detail, you can be assured that you will not only get top-quality painting services but also excellent customer support from start to finish.

We Cover All Aspects of Painting & Decorating

No job is too big or small for us to handle.
We are a full-service painting company with a comprehensive range of services to fit all of your painting needs
Regardless of your painting needs & requirements, our team can provide you with an excellent paint job that can exceed your expectations.
We offer superior services that make us the leading provider of interior and exterior painting, catering to both residential and commercial properties.
We make it our number priority to deliver exceptional painting services that are hassle-free, fast, affordable & safe.
Proud members of the Master Painters Australia – Insured & Certified

What Our Clients Say About us

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Apex Painting Solutions is proudly a Tasmanian owned and operated professional painting business specialising in residential painting, commercial painting, and floor coatings. At Apex Painting Solutions, no job is too big or too small; whether you need a bedroom painted, your whole house, or office block painted, we have an experienced and professional team to do the job at the highest of quality.