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Roof Painting

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Roof Painting Tasmania that’s affordable, on time and within budget

Are you in Tasmania and looking for roof painting experts who can restore your faded roof and make it look brand new all over again? Apex Painting Solutions can help.

If your roof is faded, looking old and tired or you don’t like the colour and would like to modernise the look, then let Apex Painting Solutions give your roof a brand-new lease on life! We offer roof painting services to both residential and commercial properties in Hobart & Tasmania. We promise a 10-Year Industry-best workmanship Guarantee.

The most critical protocol we do before painting your roof is pressure cleaning, and removal of any lichen, mould, dirt and grim. We make sure the surface is clean and ready for Painting - every single time!
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Roof Coatings Applications

Once the surface has been cleaned and prepared, three coats of paint will be applied to your roof: One primer coat followed by two topcoats. If your roof shows signs of rusting, an additional initial seal and rust sealer coat will be applied before priming.

Roofing Technicians, You Can Trust

Apex Painting Solutions works closely with roofing technicians who can repair and transform your roof; whether it’s colorbond or tiles. We have professionals and a highly trained team who can handle re-pointing & re-bedding tiled roofs and re-screwing & repairing colorbond or iron roofs.

Regardless of the condition of your roof, we have the roof painting experts that can help you achieve your requirements on time and within budget.
Roof Painters

Make Your Home More Attractive with Help from Roof Painters

When your home starts losing some of its attractive looks on the outside, it might be time to call for help from professional roof painters. While maintaining your roof and its effectiveness is a job for another type of trade worker, that doesn't mean that the roof's appearance isn't important. It is one of the most dominant visual elements of your home, and when the paint fades, chips, and loses its lustre, the entire house looks worse for wear as a result. That's true even if you've meticulously maintained the interior and exterior.

At Apex Painting Solutions, we understand how frustrating it can be to live with a roof that doesn't look its best. To combat that problem, we've developed a fast and effective service that restores your property's attractive appearance without destroying your budget.

The Benefits of Roof Painting Services

Why invest in our services in the first place? As you'll see below, there are good reasons to invest in periodic roof re-painting. While this is primarily true for residential buildings, our team can also provide commercial services for structures with paintable roofing. Some of the advantages of doing so include:

A fresh coat of paint on the roof may reduce energy costs and make your home more environmentally friendly. The right paints will reflect more of the sun's energy, keeping your home from getting as warm during the day.
An attractive roof aids in boosting kerb appeal and may even shore up the potential value of your home during the sale process.
Proper painting contributes to reduced maintenance and makes it easier to protect the investment you've made in your roof.

What Sets Apex Painting Solutions Apart in Hobart as Roof Painters?

Choosing the right professional for the job is always a challenge no matter what the task may be. Our team hopes to inspire your confidence from the first time we chat to the moment we leave your home with a fresh coat of paint. Here's what we do to stand apart:

We have years of experience working in painting, and we're adept at solving the challenges that often accompany roof painting jobs. Ask about our decades on the job.
The Apex Painting Solutions team is appropriately licensed and fully insured, providing a safe and dependable option for homeowners throughout the area.
We exhibit extraordinary attention to detail in our efforts to make your roof look as good as possible. We're careful to paint every portion of your roof, even those not immediately visible from the street level.

Why Apex Painting Solutions is a Cost-Effective Choice for Roof Painters in Hobart

It's natural for any homeowner to be wary of the price of services related to their roofing, but Apex Painting Solutions strives to deliver a valuable service. By investing in paints of excellent quality and keeping our skills sharp, we complete jobs more quickly and provide longer-lasting results. When you don't need to repaint your roof very often, the value of doing it today becomes clear.

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Benefits of Roof Painting

Roof painting offers many benefits to your property which includes but not limited to:
Reduce maintenance costs
Reduces the harmful effects of UV rays and heat
Good investment
Boost the value of your property
Environmentally friendly
Reduce energy costs
Enhance your property’s curb appeal
Protects your family & investment
If you’re in Hobart or Tasmania and looking for a roof painting specialist, give us a call at 0415 044 006

Why choose Apex Painting Solutions?

Years of Experience

Apex Painting Solutions was founded in 2010, but our painters have more than 5 decades of combined experience in the industry.


We not only promise beautiful results from our painters but also promise a carefree painting experience.

Fully Insured

Apex Painting Solutions team is highly qualified, licensed, and fully insured professional painters.


When you choose us to handle your painting project, we make sure you get the best value of what you pay for. We complete our work on time and within budget.

Safe & Clean

We offer you a safe painting experience and a super clean finish. Before leaving your house, we make sure the areas we have painted are thoroughly cleaned and organised: all furniture & personal stuff are returned to their original position, debris is removed, and carpets are well vacuumed.

Top Quality

We are results-driven. With our 100% attention to detail, you can be assured that you will not only get top-quality painting services but also excellent customer support from start to finish.

The Benefits of Commercial Building Painters Such as Apex Painting Solutions

What are some of the key reasons to use our service? As commercial building painters in Hobart, we've worked hard to differentiate ourselves from others in pursuit of providing the best service possible. To that end, we create advantages for our customers, such as:

The skills necessary to deliver more complex interior painting, including unique designs created by others for your space. We do more than apply simple layers of solid colour paints; we're fully capable of providing a more involved service when necessary.
Flexibility within a given budget range. Value is an essential component of our business and one that we take seriously. When you have concerns about the cost of your upcoming commercial painting project, rest easy with reassurances from our team that you won't find your invoice filled with hidden fees and surprise extra labour charges.
Results that reflect attention to detail. With painting, it is easy to cut corners and skip steps to produce an outcome that looks good at first glance but doesn't stand up to the test of time. We don't take such shortcuts. Instead, we're committed to stellar outcomes on every job.

What to Expect from Apex Painting Solutions Regarding Commercial Building Painting

We've all had a few of those experiences with trades — the ones where nothing seems to go to plan. At Apex, we know better than to fall into those traps. When you enlist our services, here's what to anticipate:

Clear communication and prompt arrivals on the scheduled day of service. We'll coordinate with your team to set up a time and date for painting that aligns with your needs or any project timetables you must follow.
A clean-working crew that is friendly and respectful towards everyone during commercial house painting. We tidy up after ourselves and work with an appreciation for the fact that you've invited us onto your premises for work. We don't leave materials, dust, or dirty boot prints behind.
A focus on your satisfaction. We won't call a job complete until you've signed off on the results and you're happy with the work we've performed. This is the commitment we make to all our clients.

About Apex Painting Solutions

With more than 10 years of experience and an established track record of quality results in the Hobart area, Apex Painting Solutions provides a range of commercial painting services to suit many requirements. We enjoy a challenge and always strive to provide our clients with the most efficient, timely, and good-looking results possible. To enquire about using our team as your commercial house painters, or to request a quote for an upcoming project, please contact us at your convenience.

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Apex Painting Solutions is proudly a Tasmanian owned and operated professional painting business specialising in residential painting, commercial painting, and floor coatings. At Apex Painting Solutions, no job is too big or too small; whether you need a bedroom painted, your whole house, or office block painted, we have an experienced and professional team to do the job at the highest of quality.